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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  December 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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i'm elizabeth gadley. in tonight's red, white and blue political coverage the eyes of the political world will be on las vegas this tuesday as the final republican presidential debate of the year comes to the strip. action news reporter david schuman joins us live from the venetian as people get ready for what's sure to be a lively event. david the venetian has 7000 rooms -- the hotel told us every one of them will be occupied. walking around here, seems like everyone's willing to drop an opinion on the candidates. there's going to be 9 of them on stage for the main debate tuesday. take a look how the venetian has the theater set up. we spoke to hotel guests who wanted tickets to be inside but they were sold out. the consensus is that this is the most important debate yet. it's a last chance for the contenders to separate from the pretenders and make their voices heard -- and some people are hoping to see changes from previous debates. monica cagnet, fort lauderdale, florida "i think they've been kind of a circus so far because it's kind of over-the-top and
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important issues that the american people need to be interested in." of course, we got a variety of opinions about the lightning rod of this campaign season..donald trump. at 6 i'll be back with a look at what people want to hear from the donald...and what they expect to hear. live at the venetian david schuman ch13 action news a new poll shows donald trump in the lead nationally... and texas senator ted cruz surging into second place. the n-b-c/wall street journal poll also shows ben carson presidential candidates have. carson -- the frontrunner in this poll in late october -- has dropped 18- points to fourth place in the g-o-p race... while florida senator marco rubio is in the third spot. a developing story tonight metro is searching for a suspect following a shooting this morning in southwest las vegas. one man was shot near sunset and grand canyon. metro says he's in stable condition. officers say the shooter got away in a red car. the early morning gunshots frightened neighbors.
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the middle of sleep and i heard four gunshots. i was in shock, i was petrified, confused, didn't know what was happening." she went on to say she and her husband are considering moving out of the neighborhood to protect their children. police want to know what caused this crash. a motorcyclist crashed into that car this afternoon near cheyenne and allen. the accident shut down cheyenne for a while. you can see the motorcycle on the ground right there on the left. the motorcycle's rider is in critical condtion. we do not know the condition of the other driver. a teenage boy is dead and two people are in critical condition after a crash involving a semi on the 95. the accident happened just north of mile marker 31 around 7:30 friday night. n-h-p says a semi truck hit the back end of a car. that sent the car spinning, before it ended up in a ditch. troopers say a 15 year old boy was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver and a passenger in
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critical condition. fatal accident on boulder highway. the victim has been identified as 42- year-old emily collier of las vegas. the crash happened friday night near boulder highway and twain. police say the driver had little chance to stop when collier ran out into oncoming traffic. collier reportedly tried to race across 6 lanes of traffic instead of using a crosswalk. police say the driver was not impaired and cooperated with police. action news is tracking some developing weather conditions a live look outside right now. the winds are picking up and now we're in the middle of a very cold stretch of weather, and it could get even colder. meteorologist karla huelga has a look at what's headed our way next. karla? we'll start to feel the impacts of our next storm system late tonight in the form of gusty winds, chances for rain, high temperatures. expect gusts to 35mph tonight, then bumping up to 40mph in the overnight hours. a wind advisory is in effect through tomorrow morning at
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the best chances for rain willalso be late- night and overnight. high temperatures tomorrow will only reach the upper 40's and low 50s around the valley. new information tonight the fbi says nothing related to the san bernardino mass shooting has been
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divers combed through the murky water for three days. so far, they haven't uncovered anything that will help the in finding a hard drive that is missing from the shooters' home. a developing story out of california tonight a man suspected of shooting rounds into the air was killed yesterday in a deputy-involved shooting in lynwood. sheriff's deputies responded to the area after receiving multiple calls about a man in a checkered shirt with a gun and shots being fired. an eyewitness captured video of the gunfire and said the suspect, identified as 28-year-old nick robertson, was shooting in the air and wasn't listening to deputies commands. the investigation is ongoing. now to a major health scare for new parents in california. there are fears that hundreds of newborns, their moms and hospital workers may have been exposed to tuberculosis by a nurse. abc's aditi roy has the latest on the race to track these families down.. , a scare at a san jose,
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nurse in the maternity ward tests positive for tuberculosis. [gfx - keyables] now...officials at the santa clara valley medical center...tracking down more than 350 newborns who had contact with the nurse between mid-august to mid- november. sot: dr. jeffrey starke 15:40:50 tb leaves the lung and causes other problems such as meningitis, so it's appropriate to take the protection of newborns very seriously when an exposure has occurred [gfx] hospital officials say the nurse's annual t-b test in september had negative results...she showed no symptoms and was diagnosed with tb in november after treatment for an unrelated illnesss... doctors say tb skin and blood tests are extremely unreliable for infants and recommend the 350 potentially exposed babies undergo antibiotics for the next six months, as a precaution abc news spoke with one mother who, after hearing about the possible exposure, rushed her baby born at the hospital in september to be tested ? she says she learned
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are t-b free. the hospital is offering treatment and monitoring to mothers and hospital employees who also came in contact with patient zero. on a lighter note... the la galaxy major league soccer team held open tryouts today for their united soccer league pro team. nearly 300 players were expected to tryout for the la galaxy two, with the hope of making the roster for the 2016 season. the la galaxy two is a lower division team associated with the la galaxy. the la galaxy are the first major league soccer club to have such a team as part of its developmental program. team officals say at least one player will be invited to play in the preseason. coming up on action news. caught on camera. shocking surveillance video shows thieves breaking into and raiding the home of a medal winning paralympic athlete. stealing not only jewelry and christmas gifts, but her medals as well. coming up in contact 13 a consumer alert tonight after
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are recalled because of a
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her frustrations out in the wrong way and it was caught on camera. take a look.....the woman was arrested after getting into a fight with a florida highway tropper. this cell phone video shows 31-year- old eleanore stern kicking the officer before he throws her to the ground. the tropper falls to the floor at one point before he pulls the woman into a backroom. bring up nats. "i'm not going...i'm not going.." authorities say the fight started after the trooper asked stern to leave the building. she now faces one count of resisting arrest without violence. stern was released from jail on a 100 dollar bond. a paralympic skier who's taken home many medals for team usa became the target of thieves. you can see the thieves in this surveillance video rumaging through stephanie victor's
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electrontics, cars, and the medals she worked so hard to win. here's abc's marci gonzalez with details. - this is not the only video on stephani victor's mind? grinch-like thieves - caught on surveillance cameras breaking into the five-time paralympic medalist's los angeles home..?leaving little behind.. sot - stephani victor - 01:14:48:25 they went into our kitchen, starting eating ice cream out of the freezer and then slowly over the course of the evening, dismantling tv, computer, christmas gifts. at least eight surveillance cameras in and outside the home giving police a clear picture of who the suspects are and the details of their crime. but it's - what else was missing from this ransacked mess- that haunts victor: videos of victor's most treasured memories? nats - olympics win including this: the first steps she took after losing both legs in an accident in 1995 . sot - stephani victor -
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shooting from the moment i woke up in icu, 3 years in the hospital, 14 surgeries, all the doctors telling me you'll never walk again hard drives holding the raw footage of 20-years of irreplaceable memories - all stolen?.along with most of her olympic medals and rings. sot - stephani victor - 01:15:34:29 and they say gold medalist. that doesn't mean anything to anyone but it means something to me los angeles police - so-far finding the couple's two missing cars?but nothing else? saying- they are still searching for these men?who in just moments - stole what- took decades..of grueling work --to earn. severe weather is sweeping across the central plains, causing problems for millions of people. officials are now saying two tornadoes may have touched down in texas. witnesses reported seeing two funnels in lindale, texas yesterday afternoon. no injuries were reported but officials estimate about 50 homes were damaged. the national weather service
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assessment before confirming the eye-witness reports that a tornado caused the damage heavy rains pounded the pacific northwest this week. in the middle of these storms, 8 dogs had to be rescued from a flooded house. emergency responders north of portland were able to get to the animals. the owner of the home knew his property was going to flood, so he put the dogs in a second floor room and left a window open, so they could espcape if they needed to. five of them went to the roof, two of them ended up on top of a truck, and another was in a boat. now the dogs are being cared-for at the local humane society. "it's a lot easier than the evacuation we've had to deal with people in their houses where the presents were floating in their house. at least with the dogs, they were just happy to see us." oregon and washington are trying to dry-out from the storms, but in some areas, the rain just won't stop. the federal government estimates flood damage of 15-million dollars.... ....and that is just in oregon. we'll start to feel the impacts
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tonight in the form of gusty winds, chances for rain, high elevation snow and colder temperatures. expect gusts to 35mph tonight, then bumping up to 40mph in the overnight hours. a wind advisory is in effect through tomorrow morning at 4am. the best chances for rain will also be late- night and overnight. high temperatures tomorrow will
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and low 50s around the valley. windy conditions continue tomorrow, so wind chill factors will definitely be in play. the winds will be down to breezy by tuesday and afternoon highs will also be down to the mid and upper 40s. by wednesday, the storm system makes its exit, but the cold air will still be in place and high temps will remain in the mid to upper 40s. a warming trend begins wednesday as highs get back to the low 50s that afternoon, then mid and upper 50s for friday and saturday. afternoon highs will continue in the upper 50s on sunday and
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wx chat time now... for the latest consumer
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check your fridge... more than one-million bottles of sweet leaf iced tea have been recalled... due to fear that there may be more in them than just tea. the company is concerned that glass fragments may have made it into the products. so far, the company received four complaints about glass found in the teas... but no injuries have been reported. the flavors recalled include original, raspberry, half and half lemonade tea, green tea with citrus, peach, and mint and honey. customers who bought the products can return them to the store for a refund. walmart is launching.... a new digital payment method called... "walmart pay". it will let you log into your account on the app... scan a q-r code at the cash register... and pay on your phone without using... cash or a credit card. after the holidays, more stores will be outfitted to work with walmart pay. the retailer plans to have the new payment option.... in all of its -5-thousand u-s stores.... by the middle of 20-16. contact 13 is ready to help you
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just call one of our volunteers any weekday between 11am and 1pm at 368-2255. drones are getting more and more popular these days.... but they are causing big problems for other aircraft flying through the sky. a new report shows there were over 900 incidents involving drones and manned aircraft in less than two years. of those 900 - over 300 were considered "close encounters". that means the drones came within 500 feet. there were also over 500 sightings of drones either near or within an aircrafts flight plan. those did not pose a danger. the report used data from the federal aviation administration and department of interior. speaking of problems in the sky ... across america, people are buying laser light displays for their homes... but could they pose a threat to pilots overhead? abc's gloria riviera has the latest. they're the hottest new holiday decoration- nats - 00;41 "it's an amazing laser light show!" [commercial:
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country, starshower and similar lights-- nearly impossible to keep on the shelves sot// adham saif, manager at world houseware and hardware 21;06;08 we ran out like real quick! but on top of lifting spirits, these starshower laser lights- raising concerns for pilots in planes overhead sot // steve ganyard, abc news consultant 15;06;21 there's a danger that you could injure the crew an more than 13-thousand feet above the ground - sparking a warning from the faa. the agency says it's investigating the incident, but in the meantime, telling decorators to use caution when setting up the colorful projectors sot// lynn lunsford, spokesman for federal aviation administration if the box is aimed a little high, some of the laser light will not hit the roof of the house, for example, it will just keep going off into space? or worse?right into a cockpit? last month a california coast see green light just flooding the inside of the plane only after landing, learning the bright green flash had come from a christmas display. sot// commander kevin smith, u.s. coast guard 23;20;53 i was very
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decoration sold commercially - right now off the shelf - has the power to illuminate an aircraft. telebrand, which manufactures and sells the popular holiday decoration 'star shower' - said in a statement to abc news? "star shower should be pointed never directly into the sky?" we'll be right back with a from karla. action news... where you ask and we
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primetime... at 7 -- america's funniest home videos at 8 -- behind the magic: the making of snow white and the seven dwarves at 9 -- blood and oil at 10 -- quantico at 11 -- action news thank you for joining us... we'll be back for action news live at 6.
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welcome to "world news tonight." cruz missile. the texas senator surging to first place in iowa. trump, not going down without a fight.
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